Snowball’s chance in hell – Idiom Thaatha



The meaning of the idiom Not have a snowball’s chance in hell is to have no chance at all.


  1. When the strongest defender of the visiting team fell down with a broken collar bone, everyone knew for certain that the visitors did not have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the match.

  2. If you continue to be complacent, you would not have a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming an accomplished writer.

The parish pump – Idiom thaatha

The parish pump

The meaning of the idiom the parish pump is to have interests in local politics and things local.


  1. The people look down on parish pump football, but choose to adore international football stars.

  2. Parish pump politics is devoured by this administrator, as she practically makes a living out of it by scandalizing people.

In high dudgeon – Idiom Thaatha

In high dudgeon

The meaning of the idiom in high dudgeon is to have feeling of great offence or deep resentment.


  1. When the representative argued with the teacher in front of the whole class, the teacher walked out of the room in high dudgeon.
  2. Being in high dudgeon, the manager took a decision that was partial and evident for all to see.


Scoop the loop – Idiom Thaatha

Scoop the pool

The meaning of the idiom Scoop the pool is to win all the money staked in a gambling game or to get all the prizes, profits, sales, success, applause etc…


  1. Our school scooped the pool in the divisional level games this year, easily becoming the champions.

  2. No country can ever scoop the pool in this level of the tournament, because the game calls for grit, determination, sweat, and above all, the game is highly unpredictable.

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