Decimate – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Decimate is to kill, destroy or to reduce the strength of someone or something.

The word Decimate is a verb.


  1. Word is out that the rebels in the Northern part of the country have been decimated.

  2. The strength of the assassin’s blow almost decimated the officer on guard.

Aberration – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Aberration is to deviate from what is normal or expected, and is usually not a welcome move.

The word Aberration is a noun.


  1. If we are to give heed to the words of the automobile purists, the latest variant from the Yamaha stable is an aberration and not to be taken seriously.
  2. My cousin who grew up in the southern part of the country, is shocked by this custom of this part of the country, and considers this custom an aberration.


Parochial – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Parochial is to be short sighted or narrow minded.

The word Parochial is an adjective.


  1. The father of the house was so parochial that he could not see that the future of his son lay in the field of music, in which the son was interested.

  2. When one does not have exposure to reading, one’s writing becomes parochial.

Profligate – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Profligate is to be wasteful in the use of resources.

The word Profligate is an adjective, though Profligate also acts as a noun.

Profligate – Adjective


  1. The CEO’s profligate lifestyle led to his bankruptcy.

  2. The profligate residents of this area account for ninety percent of this salesman’s livelihood.

Profligate – Noun


  1. Being a profligate himself, Calvin was diffident to reprimand the profligate sales team of his office.

  2. Between being a profligate and a miser, many would prefer the former over the latter.

Egregious – Vocabwagon



The meaning of the word Egregious is to shock or to stand out in a negative way.

The word Egregious is an adjective.


  1. The accusations leveled against the Prime Minister were egregious, making even soft – natured people angry.

  2. The egregious behaviour of the guest forced the father of the family to file a complaint with the local police.

Veracity – Vocabwagon



The meaning of the word Veracity is accuracy or to conforming to facts.

The word Veracity is a noun.


  1. The veracity of the car dealer’s statement was understood by the customer when the rusted car ran without a hitch.

  2. As long as the CEO plays hide and seek with the employees and refuses to meet their representatives, the veracity of the company’s promises will be in deep waters.

Parsimonious – Vocabwagon



The word Parsimonious is an adjective.


  1. The Christmas season last year was lively enough to make even the parsimonious Samuel buy a new pair of shoes.

  2. When old uncle Klee died, chests buried underneath were opened amidst much anticipation because of his parsimonious nature. However, all that the chests contained were three pieces of nickel coins and a pair of old shoes.

Resplendent – Vocabwagon


The word resplendent is an adjective.


  1. The actor was resplendent in the flowing robes of the secret cult he was associated with. 

  2. Our uncle expects us to be resplendent for the marriage function.


Soigné – Vocabwagon

Soigne 1

The word Soigné is an adjective.


  1. The Soigné dressing sense of Mr. Thomas Brown, our physical director, always puts us in awe.

  2. His Soigné English guests were the admiration of all in the party.


Martinet – Vocabwagon


The word Martinet is a noun.


  1. Our warden is a martinet disliked and feared by all the hostel inmates.

  2. One of my brother’s teachers was a martinet because of whom my brother developed a hatred towards mathematics.