Mettle – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Mettle is a person’s ability to cope well during difficulties with determination and tenacity.

The word Mettle is a noun.


  1. The mettle shown by the dog to reach the banks of the river saved the life of the dog.

2. Although the team lost, the mettle showed by the players of the team brought appreciation from the audience.

Feckless – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word feckless is to lack  strength of character or to be irresponsible.

The word feckless is a noun.


  1. Although everyone wanted Ruth to score high grades in SAT, her feckless behaviour brought down her scores.
  2. The inexperienced man being made the captain of the team was a feckless move by the board.

Jiggery-pokery – Vocabwagon


The meaning of jiggery-pokery is to behave dishonestly or deceitfully.

Jiggery-pokery is a noun.


1. Although everyone praised Zadok for his fantastic marks in the board exam, Sam kept quiet because he knew that the high marks were by means of jiggery-pokery and not by fair methods.

2. The jiggery-pokery happening in election leaves one in a state of confusion and uncertainty.

Benthos – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Benthos is the sediments deposited in a seabed or a lake.

The word Benthos is a noun.


1. The rescue team was baffled by the massive structure of benthos under the local lake.

2. The hobbits were too engrossed in their new found treasure under the water to notice the dark elves slithering amidst the benthos, towards them.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is to be extremely and extraordinarily good or wonderful.

The word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is an adjective.


1. This is by far the most supercalifragilistic dish I’ve ever tasted.

2. His supercalifragilistic dancing moves set the crowd grooving.

Pococurante – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Pococurante is to be unconcerned/lackadaisical or indifferent.

The word Pococurante is an adjective.


1. The pococurante attitude of the student irked the faculty to the extent of the student being suspended for a week.

2. Although Thomas looked pococurante from the outside, he was in fact concerned about the welfare of the poor.

Plaudit – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Plaudit is praise or words of appreciation.

The word Plaudit is a noun.


1. The drummer was extremely happy as the plaudits from the audience took a long time to stop.

2. Our boss has received plaudits for his exceptionally good governing skills.

Ramification – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word ramification is a complex or unpleasant consequence of an action or event.

The word ramification is a noun.


1. The shock of the loss in business was severe for him as he had never stopped by to consider the ramifications of his new investments.

2. The potential ramifications of his classmates vanished into thin air the moment he became the president of the school.

Equanimous – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Equanimous is to be calm and composed without being ruffled.

The word Equanimous is an adjective.


1. The captain’s equanimous behaviour on the field increased the morale of the players who were facing a tough time from the opposite team.

2. The manager’s inability to remain equanimous at times of trouble and pressure led to his employees losing confidence in him.


Malleable – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Malleable is to be easily led astray, influenced and to be pliable.

The word Malleable is an adjective.


1. The young chap in the group was vulnerable and malleable – easily falling prey to the wily schemes of the seductress.

2. Youngsters are malleable and can easily be guided with ease towards both the good and the bad ways.