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A lick and a promise – Idiom Thaatha

A lick and a promise

The meaning of the idiom a lick and a promise is to wash or clean something swiftly and carelessly.


1. The man at the water service centre did a lick and a promise of my motorcycle and spent his time watching the cricket match.

2. The maid in the manor was relieved of her duties since she continued to do a lick and a promise of the dishes after lunch, despite repeated warnings.

Play ducks and drakes – Idiom Thaatha

Play ducks and drakes


The meaning of the idiom to play ducks and drakes is to be frivolous with something.


1. The sales of the company plummeted when the manager of operations started playing ducks and drakes with the sales team.

2. To play ducks and drakes with studies at the final year of studies is considered a serious issue.

Malleable – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Malleable is to be easily led astray, influenced and to be pliable.

The word Malleable is an adjective.


1. The young chap in the group was vulnerable and malleable – easily falling prey to the wily schemes of the seductress.

2. Youngsters are malleable and can easily be guided with ease towards both the good and the bad ways.

Hit the nail on the head – Idiom Thaatha

Hit the nail

The meaning of the idiom to hit the nail on the head is to describe exactly the cause of a problem or a situation.


1. The porter hit the nail on the head when he pointed out the cause of the wet baggage as a broken bottle.

2. The mechanic hit the nail on the head as soon as he opened the bonnet of the car.

Intrepid – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Intrepid is to be fearless and adventurous.

The word Intrepid is an adjective.


1. Peter’s intrepid nature made him the natural  choice amongst all for the post of the local sheriff in the thieving town of Lowdale.

2. Intrepid people often find that adventures come in search of them rather than their bold nature making them seek reckless excitement.


The Horizon


The flicker of a candle on a dark night, the blinking star on the seemingly never – ending carpet of darkness floating and threatening to bring the sky down on our heads, the beam of light that goads a sailor on a yacht to be unmindful of the screams of the waves crashing around him, the sudden increase in the heartbeat of the patient who has been without a sign of recovery in the ICU – well… there is a similar feeling. There seems to be a sign of life. A flower has blossomed in a dry plant. The parched land is a home to one lone patch of greenery. How was that possible? What made it possible? Would this continue? Contrary to popular belief, this has worked out. The previous assumption was that the work would continue in the same vein. What was not realized was that there is now a determination where there was previously only a desire. Ambition has quelled want and has taken the driver’s seat. May be now, may be from now on, things would be different. The solitary soldier is perhaps the symbol of what is to follow. This feeling is akin to the confidence that sweeps and spreads into the hearts of soldiers from the actions or words of a charismatic general or a brave monarch. It has begun its influence. The minds of those in and around are not what they used to be. Where there was a resignation, there now is a glimmer of a distant paradise. A land of magic and enchantment beckons everyone and the journey towards the land of dreams has begun. The land though does not promise a bed of roses as the footpath. There are streams to ford, wild animals to ward off, thorns to be avoided or crushed and above all, the necessity of going on till the summit is reached. That my niceties, is the most important and the toughest thing to do. What makes one tick now is the small burp that made the Kangaroos hear the Whos. I am sure that there is the same thing here too. There are Kangaroos to lead the banner against us and there are monkeys filled with greed and thoughts of gluttony and birds of prey embittered and full of vengeance seeking to thwart every single move made b us. Yet, the silver lining is that there are also Hortons here who will strive hard despite all setbacks and who will not settle back for anything less than the best, for anything less than the very best. Isn’t this a sure sign that the wheels are turning in the right direction? Let us hope so. There then is the Source guiding us toward the ultimate goal. The Source cannot fail. It has never failed. It is not in the nature of the Source to fail or to abandon anyone who trusted in the Source. So, wait, you Magical Land, the Land of Enchantment, the Land throbbing and pulsating with life; the Land waiting for me, for us, ha ha… here we come…

Hackneyed – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Hackneyed is to be overused, unoriginal, vapid, trite or worn out.

The word hackneyed is an adjective.


1. Roy lost the election because his hackneyed ideas could not match with the modern thought process of the young lawyer competing against him.

2. One of the suggestions given by a great writer was to avoid a hackneyed plot line and bring in fresh ideas.



Busman’s holiday – Idiom Thaatha

Busman's holiday

The meaning of the idiom busman’s holiday is to do in a holiday what a person does regularly at work.


1. The city bus driver’s vacation turned to busman’s holiday as the driver of the car in which he was travelling became ill suddenly.

2. The mountaineering volunteer’s biking ride turned into busman’s holiday as his bike rolled off the stand and down the hill.

Chicanery – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Chicanery is to attain one’s purpose using deceptive methods.

The word Chicanery is a noun.


1. His rise as a tremendous power in the field of politics was mainly due to chicanery.

2. Put aside your tricks of chicanery and concentrate on dealing fairly with everyone.

Lackadaisical – Vocabwagon


The meaning of the word Lackadaisical is to be carelessly lazy and to lack enthusiasm and determination to do any work.

The word lackadaisical is an adjective.


1. His lackadaisical attitude paved the way for his ruin.

2. Lackadaisical behaviour in a child must be corrected in early stages to help the child be active and responsible.