2015 for Authors

2015 for Authors and Writers


Life, for lovers of English residing in India has been nothing less than exciting, with the launch of many exemplary short stories and novels that thrill, enthrall and energize the reader into pursuing heroic deeds unheard and untold of in various forms and lands forming in the mind of the reader. Although 2014 saw the release of some books not done with a literary flavour making big waves in the Indian book markets commercially, there were also some quality books that failed to garner the interest of readers because of the lack of marketing techniques. However, one can be sure that this would not deter upcoming talented writers to lose enthusiasm. We would like to remind authors around the world, and especially in India, that 2015 would have bigger surprises and hidden springs of creativity than 2014 had for them. So creators, for that’s who you all are, gear up for the New Year with thanksgiving for the current year and continue to amaze us and transport us into your world with the power of your pens. Do not ever lose hope and never ever think of giving up writing-for that is one of the purposes for which God has created you. Winding off now to give you room for creativity. Let us welcome 2015!

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